We specialise in the supply and delivery of high quality, potable drinking water for domestic use. This water is purchased from SA Water and has been filtered and treated to ensure complete safety for all domestic use.

Our trucks have a capacity of 9,000 litres (approx 2,000 gallons) and the water is pumped direct into your tanks. We are able to pump the water up to 100m from our trucks for tanks which are difficult to access.


We are able to supply Water for all Rural and Farm applications including water for stock, irrigation and specialist applications.


Our trucks are fitted with spray bars, fan sprays and hoses to suit most applications related to Roadworks and Civil applications.

Trucks are operated by an experienced driver, and water is supplied and sourced. We ensure competitive rates and provide a service suited to particular needs and applications.
We have a current Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Our drivers are trained for safe working on roads and the trucks are equipped with safe working equipment.
Portable Traffic Bollards can be filled and emptied as required at reasonable rates.


We provide a reliable and prompt service to homeowners and the swimming pool industry to ensure minimum delays in operations.

We also provide water for:

  • Roof cleaners
  • The Film Industry
  • Bore-hole testing
  • Specialist and unique applications
  • Tree watering, lawns & gardens
  • Public events and portable toilets
  • Shipping and boats
  • Drilling contractors
  • Railway companies
  • Building sites