Andys Cleaning Services Logo It’s important to know that when you purchase and installed a rainwater tank, you need to regularly maintain it, Australia Standards recommends that you clean your tank and remove the sediment every 2 -3 years.You need to carry out maintenance tasks  to keep your tank and water quality clean.

watertankYour rainwater tanks quickly accumulate sediment which can contain anything from dirt, twigs and leaves, to worms and dead animals. This can lead to harmful bacteria and become breeding sites for mosquitoes. This can affect the taste of your water and cause health issues. Fine mesh on your tanks entry and exit points can also be helpful in eliminating debris, pests and vermin from getting into your tank.

When Andy’s Water visit you, to clean your tanks their specialised method of removing sediment means that your water tank does not need to be emptied. You will only lose a minimal amount of water as we remove the sediment from the bottom of the tank.

ANDYS WATER TANK CLEANING SERVICES are cleaning specialists making your water purer. We service all types of water storage tanks, including polyethene, concrete, stainless steel, galvanised and fibreglass. The cleaning guaranteed minimal water loss and disruption with trained operators who can remove the tank sediment which can be recycled onto your garden.